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The Staking Foundation promotes research & development towards more decentralized and resilient staking solutions.

We are currently supporting the Diva Protocol by engaging with Stakers and Operators and educating the public.

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Staking with Diva

Diva is a decentralized staking protocol that allows Stakers to generate staking rewards by receiving divETH, a Liquid Staking Token.

Diva leverages advanced consensus algorithms and cryptoeconomic mechanisms to run Distributed Validation on Ethereum.

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About Diva

The Diva story

Diva was born out of an initial DVT staking prototype from co-founding cryptographers Miguel Ángel Prada and Fernando Salvago, further developed with the help of contributors Diego F., Francisco E., Raúl C. and Pablo V.

The core idea of Diva is to power Liquid Staking by Distributed Validation, using cryptoeconomic systems that allow any network participant to fulfil their staking tasks more efficiently.

The Staking Foundation is a non-profit with a mandate to improve and decentralize the future of staking, publishing regular reports on its impact and financials.

It was established in 2023 to contribute research, content and third-party tools to the Ethereum staking community.

The Staking Foundation is an independent entity and does not have the ability to control, upgrade or modify the Diva staking protocol.

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